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Summize: Web 2.0 Rankings Aggregator

Posted in Luxury,Web 2.0 by Elliott Back on December 17th, 2007.

Thanks to the often useless Techcrunch for pointing out Summize, a meta-rankings engine with a gorgeous, hip look:


It’s perfect in the way it rates Windows Vista as utter crap, and the Apple iPhone as delicious but flawed. Topically, they focus mostly on Books, Movies, and Music–the classic media triplet–but other products are present as well. In a blog post About Summize they explain the drive behind the site:

We currently provide a Summize Experience for Electronics, Cameras, Books, Movies, Toys, and other useful things you find at Amazon and other top caliber review sites. We provide clean, straightforward, un-duplicated results so you don’t have to piece together the information on your own.

The only problem–people are going to misspell its name as “summarize.”

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