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The Fastest Laptop on the Planet

Posted in Amazon by Elliott Back on March 23rd, 2005.

Amazon is selling a 10Ghz Athalon system (A Welsh View)


Some random reviews:

“When I run ChessMaster 10k, single player mode, as soon as I make my first move, the computer says “Mate in 3″ and ends the game.”

“i ordered this, but evertime i start it up, my apartment and my state and my part of earth melt. i dont understand. i called tech support but noone seemed to understand why the fabric or space/time was altered during these heat spikes. i have an 80mm fan in it. i thought that would be enough.”

“It works great, when you can catch it. This computer is so lighning fast that it occasionally scampers off mid-sentence and hides under the sofa. I’ve found that snow shovel handles are the easiest way to retrieve it – it chews up yardsticks, so don’t even try using those.”

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